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Jun 14, 2004 Web Sites is a free Programming Internet Directory that compiles and distributes Web...

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PLANET WEBSOFT - Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Development,...

Online Dating Software
Jun 16, 2004 Classified Ads

Are you seeking an online dating solution? Our package offers affordability and flexibility which...

pENC - Perl Source Code Encryptor
Jun 16, 2004 Software

Protect your valuable Perl source code from the prying eyes of the casual user! pENC's...

Jun 16, 2004 Content Management

Interfaces to popular Perl PDF modules such as PDF::API2 or standalone pdf docs.

Jun 16, 2004 Development Tools

EZP3P is a P3P XML utility that within a few minutes can apply a basic P3P policy to your web...

Jun 16, 2004 Miscellaneous

If you have a proprietary VBScript or JavaScript application that you do not want revealed then...

Daemon Monitoring System
Jun 16, 2004 Server Management

dms Daemon Monitoring System is a set of utilities written in Perl and Visual Basic that monitor...

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Welcome to - Scripts Resource Directory.  Thanks to all users...

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Form Processors

Form Processors

MrForm can handle lots of different types of forms from booking forms, order forms and registration forms to entry forms, survey forms and application forms. You can securely collect credit card...
Aug 24, 2006 Clicks: 168 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


With web-form-buddy you can add a professional web form to your site in minutes. Web-form-buddy saves you time, protects you from spammers, helps your users, and provides you with sophisticated...
Sep 19, 2006 Clicks: 184 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments Form Handler and Processing

A form handling service which is very easy to use. It includes email notifications, online-database, tab-delimited download files, autoresponder, data encryption, a secure admin area and...
Mar 14, 2006 Clicks: 192 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

FormBreeze - Advanced Remote Form Processing

FormBreeze offers two professional-quality services: (1) A completely free field validation tool that will add powerful Javascript-powered field checking to any form with absolutely no programming....
Jun 7, 2006 Clicks: 193 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Custom Form

This is an online form builder that helps the site visitors to post comments and users can collect data from their site visitors. They can protect their data by using SSL technology and can export...
Jan 1, 2006 Clicks: 201 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments - Remotely Hosted Form Processing is based on the popular FormMail script that has been downloaded more than 2 million times since 1997. Now, for less than $1 per month, you can utilize the power of this script without...
Aug 18, 2006 Clicks: 205 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Form Hosts

Form Hosts is a powerful form processor program using which you can create online HTML forms for your webservices. This remotely hosted program provides customizable templates with which you can...
Jun 15, 2006 Clicks: 208 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Free Form-to-Email script with Captcha by SnapHost

Do you need to receive a feedback from your web site visitors, to accept orders for your products and services, or to keep in touch with your customers? A simple HTML form is all it takes! This...
Apr 9, 2007 Clicks: 223 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


This is a simple web based application using which you would be able to generate online forms. Through the advanced field validation tool available in this program you can verify and validate user...
Dec 16, 2007 Clicks: 224 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Form Pros

Form Pros is a web based form generating software which is remotely hosted. You can generate all kind of online forms like sales order forms, reservation forms, questionnaire forms, survey forms...
Dec 16, 2007 Clicks: 229 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Free Form to E-mail

Free Form to E-mail Solution with no obligations or restrictions. No Advertisments. Unlimited and with many features such as Autoresponder etc. Very simple setup.
Nov 5, 2005 Clicks: 237 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

eyucca Contact Form

You can fully customize it and the application integrates into any design or website layout. No programming needed and everything is ad-free, logo-free. Many options to choose from. Use...
Aug 14, 2006 Clicks: 241 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Contact form generator

Free online wizard to generate and customize PHP and HTML forms to use them as contact forms on your website. No programming skills are required, just copy and paste web form's generated code on...
Dec 13, 2007 Clicks: 258 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Form Processing, with optional Auto-Response

This program is simple and useful for the webmasters to create a form mail on the website to receive comments or feedbacks from the site visitors. This script serves as a great bridge between web...
Oct 3, 2007 Clicks: 277 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Auto Respond Mailer

The Auto Respond Mailer is an easy remotely hosted script to receive email from your customers via form, and send them an automatic reply email.
Jun 29, 2006 Clicks: 279 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Unlike the conventional form mailer, we also store the forms submitted to you. Other features include auto-responders and form validity checking.FormBuddy does not force you to display its banners...
Mar 7, 2006 Clicks: 312 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Magic Form

Ce module permet ? vos visiteurs de vous contacter par l'interm?diaire d'un formulaire que vous aurez pr?alablement d?fini (type de champs, description, obligatoire...) Vous pouvez d?finir une ou...
Aug 14, 2006 Clicks: 320 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


This is a feedback service that can be used to collect feedback entries from the visitors or associates through the website. This program has Basic and Pro versions. Basic features like, ability to...
Mar 15, 2005 Clicks: 333 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

BFN Feedback forms

Custom feedback forms support data validation, custom confirmation message to the submitting user, up to 4 recipients of the form data, anti-SPAM-bot image security code verification, waiting...
Aug 12, 2006 Clicks: 384 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Formbuddys form processor

This script is used for creating an email form on the website by the webmasters and it allows them to receive emails from their site visitors regularly. The main feature of this script is, it will...
May 9, 2006 Clicks: 386 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments



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