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Jun 14, 2004 Web Sites is a free Programming Internet Directory that compiles and distributes Web...

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Sep 1, 2013 Domain Registration

PLANET WEBSOFT - Linux Web Hosting, Windows Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Web Development,...

Online Dating Software
Jun 16, 2004 Classified Ads

Are you seeking an online dating solution? Our package offers affordability and flexibility which...

pENC - Perl Source Code Encryptor
Jun 16, 2004 Software

Protect your valuable Perl source code from the prying eyes of the casual user! pENC's...

Jun 16, 2004 Content Management

Interfaces to popular Perl PDF modules such as PDF::API2 or standalone pdf docs.

Jun 16, 2004 Development Tools

EZP3P is a P3P XML utility that within a few minutes can apply a basic P3P policy to your web...

Jun 16, 2004 Miscellaneous

If you have a proprietary VBScript or JavaScript application that you do not want revealed then...

Daemon Monitoring System
Jun 16, 2004 Server Management

dms Daemon Monitoring System is a set of utilities written in Perl and Visual Basic that monitor...

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Welcome to - Scripts Resource Directory.

Sep 3, 2013

Welcome to - Scripts Resource Directory.  Thanks to all users...

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This is an animation button applet that allows you to map one input image onto a cube and performs real-time rotation.
Feb 2, 2014 Visual Effects Clicks: 0 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Plasmaplugs 3D Scene

The Plasmaplugs 3D Scene component is an essential tool that can be used to build and/or navigate a 3D interactive scene or interface in Flash. The fading effects, perspective manipulation,...
Apr 9, 2007 Software Clicks: 385 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


zImage allows you to resize or change images on the fly, directly in a webpage. Features: Runs in Microsoft IIS servers; Support for 7 image resizing algorithms; Image can be saved to disk or sent...
Jan 24, 2007 Image Manipulation Clicks: 215 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Online Dating Script - aeDating

upgrades and technical support. New features - New templates, password protected photos, credits payment system, audio/video chat and IM, phpBB and v Bulletin integrated, banner rotation system,...
Jan 23, 2007 Classified Ads Clicks: 435 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


Maximize your profit with WebAds free banner rotation service. This banner rotating service allows webmasters to track the click-through rates of their advertisements, allowing the unprofitable...
Jan 15, 2007 Ad Management Clicks: 194 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Marketing Survey Tool

Not a simple pool tool. For scientific/marketing research professionals with no (or very basic) programming knownledge. Features: random sequence of questions, rotation of items, branching/skip...
Sep 14, 2006 Polls and Voting Clicks: 183 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Allayers TrueColor Lite

TrueColor Lite provides a powerful web interface to PHP4's GD2 graphic library.Scaling, resizing, rotation and mirroring are all included in the Lite version.File management also includes directory...
Sep 5, 2006 Image Manipulation Clicks: 190 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


Features include thumbnail preview support, gallery scanner, permanent galleries, gallery rotation, template controlled HTML and e-mail messages, thumbnail cropping, framed gallery review tool, and...
Aug 28, 2006 Image Galleries Clicks: 288 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Safelist ProX

Safelist ProX v2.31 is a brand new safelist script with revolutional features that no other safelist script has. Unique bounce system, ad rotation system, payment module, special credit links,...
Aug 28, 2006 Mailing List Managers Clicks: 307 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Ad Master

An easy to use banner rotation script that will help you to control and keep track of every banner on your site. Supports multiple campaigns, multiple users, weight function, multiple banner types....
Aug 11, 2006 Ad Management Clicks: 389 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


This is intended to be a very simple way of rotating affiliate-based ads on your site. Just get the banner code from Commission Junction, Amazon, or other affiliation, add it to the rotation, and...
Aug 11, 2006 Ad Management Clicks: 432 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Icon Editor

Icon Editor works like a Swiss Army Knife of icon, cursor manipulation. Features find, manage icons on your system, image-editing features such as effects, filters, rotation, cropping, as well as...
Aug 10, 2006 Dedicated Hosting Clicks: 548 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Free Music Rotation so you can gain more Traffic

Based on the script created by, this free service will easily allow you to add your music related site to this automated rotation that works similar to If you have a...
Jun 10, 2006 Music Libraries Clicks: 360 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

DynAds Pro general rotation and tracking expert

DynAds Pro is a rotation and tracking expert full of features. Rotate and track any content and URL. Track ads, pages and visitors. RoN, PPC, CPM or timed campaigns. Target campaigns to IPs,...
Jun 6, 2006 Ad Management Clicks: 376 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

DynAds general content rotation and tracking scripts

DynAds is used for rotation and tracking of paid or in-house banner ads, text ads, links, affiliate codes, images, Flash ads, rich media ads or general web contents. Excellent statistics. Unlimited...
Jun 6, 2006 Ad Management Clicks: 354 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Free Icon InDepth

Icon In Depth works like a Swiss Army Knife of icon & cursor manipulation. Features find & manage icons on your system, image-editing features such as effects, filters, rotation, cropping, as well...
May 26, 2006 Dedicated Hosting Clicks: 363 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Autosurf Exchange Script With Template

Harland AutoSurf script features: Verify New Members / Sites, Read abuse reports, Set up script - ratio, colors, rotation speed, anti-abuse timeout, stats history, referal credits, Add categories...
Apr 28, 2006 Exchanges Clicks: 380 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


* Fully developed website utilizing PHP and MySQL. * Members can add quotes to rotate on front page. * Banner and Link Rotation * Accepts payments automatically through PayPal * Jobseekers...
Mar 27, 2006 Classified Ads Clicks: 296 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments offers a free banner ad rotation and tracking service for Web sites. Its well designed system combines advanced software with high quality infrastructure to give you the power to...
Feb 9, 2006 Ad Management Clicks: 282 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


Advanced banner ad and image ad rotation management script on MySQL backend that lets you easily create, edit, manage and display unlimited banner and image rotation campaigns to your website...
Jan 28, 2006 Ad Management Clicks: 888 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments



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