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Jun 14, 2004 Web Sites is a free Programming Internet Directory that compiles and distributes Web...

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Online Dating Software
Jun 16, 2004 Classified Ads

Are you seeking an online dating solution? Our package offers affordability and flexibility which...

pENC - Perl Source Code Encryptor
Jun 16, 2004 Software

Protect your valuable Perl source code from the prying eyes of the casual user! pENC's...

Jun 16, 2004 Content Management

Interfaces to popular Perl PDF modules such as PDF::API2 or standalone pdf docs.

Jun 16, 2004 Development Tools

EZP3P is a P3P XML utility that within a few minutes can apply a basic P3P policy to your web...

Jun 16, 2004 Miscellaneous

If you have a proprietary VBScript or JavaScript application that you do not want revealed then...

Daemon Monitoring System
Jun 16, 2004 Server Management

dms Daemon Monitoring System is a set of utilities written in Perl and Visual Basic that monitor...

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Creating a text adventure game in Java

Text adventure games were once popular in the past during the monochrome days. Today this art is lost due to the interest diverted towards cartoony VGA graphics by players. During the 80?s it was...
Oct 3, 2007 Miscellaneous Clicks: 347 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Crack The Safe

Let your players try to "Break into" your safe. Your visitors will have lots of fun playing. Rules are simple to follow. A fast and easy way to give away prizes and collect the email addresses of...
Aug 13, 2007 Games Clicks: 495 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Deskop Sudoku

Play unlimited sudoku puzzles on your pc with just one sudoku download. Desktop Sudoku is a fun and easy to use puzzle game for beginners and expert sudoku players alike. With it's easy to use...
Sep 24, 2006 Games and Entertainment Clicks: 319 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Crossword Puzzle CGI system

The CGI crossword puzzle building system consists of two programs, buildcwd.cgi and playcwd.cgi for building new crossword puzzles and playing crossword puzzles respectively. Players may play the...
Sep 24, 2006 Games Clicks: 322 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


NetBingo is an interactive Bingo game written in PHP and mySQL. NetBingo is designed for webmasters who wish to offer interactive bingo to their site visitors. The game allows any number of players...
Sep 14, 2006 Games Clicks: 181 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Casino Tropez Bonus

Casino Tropez Casino has offered players all over the world the best of the Las Vegas's casino action with the most authentic, trusted and highly regarded gaming experience on the Internet....
Jul 4, 2006 Games and Entertainment Clicks: 309 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Gold Fighter

Gold Fighter v1.03 is the brand new and only one E-gold games on the net! It's proundly producted by Ultimate-Gold.Com's programmer. This game need 4 players to participate in and the game setting...
May 16, 2006 Games Clicks: 181 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Hockey Stats PHP

Allows you to add players and teams, then when you enter a gamesheet it will update the schedule and stats all in one. Installation is included in the price and we will customize the script to fit...
Apr 25, 2006 Games Clicks: 193 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Flix Power players

This software carries a collection of new players to be added with Flix Pro automatic players. It provides 135 players which are classified in to 20 unique designs and totally variated in nature....
Jan 12, 2006 Software Clicks: 273 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Flix Pro

This is a software which lets the users to convert video for their flash players. It can be also used as a powerful animation tool for TV, web and film because it is capable of turning a video into...
Jan 12, 2006 Software Clicks: 298 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

A220 Mission 1 - Web Page Edition

A220 Mission 1 - Web Page Edition is a game which is more interesting to play. The players have to pass through the caves and mountains killing all the enemies before reaching the target. The...
Jan 2, 2006 Games Clicks: 343 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Beach Landing

We see many interesting games in mobiles and cell phones. Beach Landing is one of the interesting game which has been designed using java and can be added to mobiles. In this game, the players play...
Jan 2, 2006 Games Clicks: 351 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

User Plugins

Use this script to display a table with all the plugins installed on the visitor's computer such as multimedia players, ActiveX, etc.
Jan 1, 2006 User Information Clicks: 572 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


Absolute-Boa-Constrictor-CE-for-PPC is an entertaining software designed with snakepit games. There are several labyrinth rooms with different skill levels for the players to enjoy. This snakepit...
Dec 30, 2005 Games and Entertainment Clicks: 257 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Java Telnet Game Client

This is a powerful networking tool through which players can connect themselves to the networking games from your site. This java telnet mud client enables your clients to customise whole of your...
Dec 15, 2005 Networking Tools Clicks: 321 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Football Pool

ASP football pool is an online game played every week at the football section. The players are asked to enter their entry form, username and password. The main theme of the game is to assume who is...
Dec 10, 2005 Games Clicks: 354 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

SubSpace - Gaming Site

This is a game tool. This tool will be helpful for the web designers to create an entertainment on their own web page. In this tool sample code are provided to implement ASP images. A special DLL...
Oct 28, 2005 Games Clicks: 318 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Start Poker Site

Poker software is helpful for the webmasters to build their site with online gaming. By using this poker game software the webmasters can run a poker site with multiple players from ten to ten...
Jun 24, 2005 Games Clicks: 389 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


EverMon is the site offers many free Flash intros, movies, mp3 players, buttons, and much more. It also offers custom design service for your projects and Flash intros and or many other Creations.
May 3, 2005 Fla Archives Clicks: 271 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Fun SoundPlayer Maker

Fun SoundPlayer Maker creates Flash sound players and buttons to publish background music to your web-site. It does not require any special knowledge about Flash from you, all you need to do is...
Apr 8, 2005 Software Clicks: 294 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments



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