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Are you seeking an online dating solution? Our package offers affordability and flexibility which...

pENC - Perl Source Code Encryptor
Jun 16, 2004 Software

Protect your valuable Perl source code from the prying eyes of the casual user! pENC's...

Jun 16, 2004 Content Management

Interfaces to popular Perl PDF modules such as PDF::API2 or standalone pdf docs.

Jun 16, 2004 Development Tools

EZP3P is a P3P XML utility that within a few minutes can apply a basic P3P policy to your web...

Jun 16, 2004 Miscellaneous

If you have a proprietary VBScript or JavaScript application that you do not want revealed then...

Daemon Monitoring System
Jun 16, 2004 Server Management

dms Daemon Monitoring System is a set of utilities written in Perl and Visual Basic that monitor...

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Tag Cloud: Mailer

A Formmail Application

Harks Mailer is a programme for handling forms. This script is used to send email message or attachments to others. It requires single field to work. This script enhances the operations by having...
Feb 14, 2008 Form Processors Clicks: 376 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Mac Mass Mailer

Fully-featured mac mass mailer for Apple Macintosh computer. It offers everything you need to create and maintain mailing lists for different needs and send mass messages directly form your Mac at...
Feb 20, 2007 Email Systems Clicks: 238 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

PC BulkMail

This is a simple bulk mailer that will allow you to send mass-emails to people who have subscribed to your opt-in list.
Jan 23, 2007 Mailing List Managers Clicks: 348 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

FM SiteMail

FM SiteMail is a Form Mailer with Autoresponder. Anyone who wishes to contact you via a form, simply fills in a form from your web site and the contents gets emailed to you. Features includes...
Dec 19, 2006 Email Systems Clicks: 605 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


A quick and simple solution to adding a mailing list to your web site. Also created to be very easy to install. Comes with and extensive admin panel, subscription form, a mailer to mail members,...
Dec 19, 2006 Mailing List Managers Clicks: 581 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


aspmailer is a straightforward form mailer with an eye towards secure behavior and some useful output formatting. Your visitors fill out the form and submit it. From there, the form data is emailed...
Nov 29, 2006 Form Processors Clicks: 200 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


CupidSQL is a Perl/MySQL-based program that allows you to start your own computer dating or personals site. Fully automated, anonymous email between members, member registration, bulk mailer, post...
Sep 22, 2006 Classified Ads Clicks: 366 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Attachment and Form Mailer

The ultimate file mailer delivers any number of files from your web pages to your inbox. Sends files to multiple email addresses, personalized autoresponders, restrict file types and size, aceepts...
Sep 5, 2006 File Manipulation Clicks: 275 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

OpenMail Advanced

OpenMail Advanced is a fast, highly configurable PHP form mailer and processor, with email validation, destination cloaking, fixed recipient settings and ip logs / bans. As the destination email...
Aug 28, 2006 Form Processors Clicks: 158 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Best Mass Mailer

Communicate with customers using the best mass mailer and your mailing lists. Manage mailing lists, create email messages and send them over the Internet as well as maintain a number of separate...
Aug 8, 2006 Email Systems Clicks: 334 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

PHP scripts

PHP scripts, web directory script, advanced form mailer script, and more free and commercial php scripts.
Jul 19, 2006 Web Sites Clicks: 390 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Form Mailer with attachments

A simple, quick form mailer script that allows your users to attach files to their form submission. All files arrive as attachments.
Jul 19, 2006 Form Processors Clicks: 400 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Auto Respond Mailer

The Auto Respond Mailer is an easy remotely hosted script to receive email from your customers via form, and send them an automatic reply email.
Jun 29, 2006 Form Processors Clicks: 279 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

indexsoft intuitive mailer

Is a powerful mail list manager. It will meet most of your needs for handling any size mailing list. indexsoft intuitive mailer supports unlimited mail lists, unlimited numbers of users, HTML...
Jun 29, 2006 Mailing List Managers Clicks: 287 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Mailer MX

Mailer MX is a great tool to allow you to send out a large number of emails to your newsletter or ezine list. It includes the ability to send via HTML or Plain text, supports multiple lists, it...
Jun 6, 2006 Mailing List Managers Clicks: 263 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

PHP scripts

PHP scripts, form mailer, web directory script and more php scripts
May 16, 2006 Web Sites Clicks: 318 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments


Team Mailer is an open mailing list for a team. It allows every user to contact all team members or a selection of team members via email. The Admin is notified if he is not part of the mailing...
Apr 25, 2006 Mailing List Managers Clicks: 198 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Unlike the conventional form mailer, we also store the forms submitted to you. Other features include auto-responders and form validity checking.FormBuddy does not force you to display its banners...
Mar 7, 2006 Form Processors Clicks: 312 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

Apdsoft Web Mailer

Apdsoft Web Mailer allows visitors of your web site to send you mail messages directly from the web server without publishing your email address on your web site - a reliable protection from spam...
Mar 7, 2006 Email Systems Clicks: 244 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments

A Formmail Script

Hark's Mailer is a form handler which has the ability to send email with attachments from a form. If the script is set up properly there is only 1 field required for this script to work. Requires...
Nov 29, 2005 Form Processors Clicks: 223 Pagerank: Not Ranked Comments



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